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I took class of breeding basics in spring 2008. At same year I signed Finnish Kennelclub’s breeding contract. I got my kennel name in 2009. I’m a member of Finnish americanakitaclub. We are a small kennel, breeding only one or two litters per year.

I live in Vantaa with my fiancée, our baby girl, and three dogs. We have two americanakitas, one male and one female, and small but egoistic mutt Paavo.
We decided to get americanakita in 2006 when we contacted Kaisa Susiluoto (kennel Kitaika’s). We went to see puppies and got to know the breed better. We had been visiting dog shows to admire americanakitas and decided that we want that kind of dog someday, and then was the time. We loved americanakitas character witch is brave, knows its dignity and little reserved.

Dog’s presence shows calm and confident. Most loveable feature to me is that towards its own, americanakita is most wonderfull, loveshowing and dedicated. Americanakita needs love and also gives it back.

These characters made us sure that americanakita is what we want. So we Kitaika’s Bruno alias Rony came to our life from Kaisa. He mesmerized all our family and friends. By nature Rony is consistent with breed standard.

In October 2007 we took our third dog, Kitaika’s Orchidea (Nella). Nella was placed on breeding terms to my parents who also live in Vantaa. Nella has become very social, playful and charming young girl. I’m very pleased with this girl, and I’m eager to see what kind of offspring she will provide.

Early 2008 we got strengthening to our pack from Germany. “Lord of odate’s” inheritance imagination alias Sakura came to boss our boys. Boys accepted the newcomer right away. You will find more information about our dog from their own pages.

I consider my breeding very carefully and with time. I pursue more quality that quantity. Dogs are really important to me and puppies and their new owners will have my support for rest of their lives. In my breeding I highlight that parents are examined healthy, with good character and well built, consistent with breed standard, to become good pets.





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The orders should be sent via email to susanna.pelkonen0@gmail.com.
I place orders every 16th day of month. Delivery takes from 7 to 10 days.





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