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Born: 14.4.2005
Health: neutered male
Show results: Match show PUN-1
Owner: Susanna Pelkonen



Paavo is my first own dog. I got him when I moved out from my parents. I couldnít take dog to my childhood home because my mom is allergic, so I settle for walking other people dogs. When I finally moved on my own I got Paavo.

Paavo is quite a person and really awesome guy. Puppy- and teenage times were the worst, and I remember thinking that is this what dog owning is. After all misfortune Paavo has become the best individual who I wouldnít change for anything.

Paavo has taught me and I believe there isnít same kind of stubborn one, but if there is Iím ready. Paavo is 4-year-old boss of our dogs. He our other dogs in order, if he has the time.








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